Took some pictures on the park in downtown Hickory around sunset. Anything to shake off this spring fever that been especially bad this winter. Soon enough friends.


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A stop off the road at Christian Tours

If you take HWY 16 south of Newton for few miles, you’ll find one of the most quaint places to stop in the Hickory Area. Pics are a from a few months ago. Stellar place for weddings and photo ops. Hope you enjoy.


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Random pictures I have taken around town

From OktoberFest in Downtown Hickory

From the Science Center in Downtown Hickory

A candelight vigil for Zahra Baker

The Rest:

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Corn Mazin’

On Halloween Night, I took the family up the road to Statesville to go get get lost at the corn maze at Regal Farms. I’d never actually been to a corn maze so everyone got a big kick out their first trip. It will be open till next weekend, so go if you get a chance. Sincerely worth the trip. Just running around scaring each other was worth the entrance fee, let alone how suprised was when I found out the teamwork it required to complete the maze. I went into this thinking my manly sense of direction would get us through. But it was the combined effort of us all that ultimately made us sucessful in getting through the maze before the security guards chased us out. The staff and owners are very nice and were all very courteous. Goodies were on sale to eat, and fun for all was to be had. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your Hallow’s Eve. Here’s the pics. I would have shot more but we ran late and couldn’t.

Here is a link for the Maze:

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Bakers Mountain…always a refreshing stop

Bakers Mountain Park is located on the highest point of elevation in Catawba County (1780 feet). The park features 189 acres of mature Chestnut Oak forest with nearly 6 miles of trail to explore. More than 110 species of birds have been observed at Bakers Mtn. Park since it opened in June of 2002. Check the feeders around the kiosk, especially in the winter, for Brown Creeper, American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, White-breasted Nuthatch and an occasional Pine Warbler. Summer and Scarlet Tanagers can be seen and heard around the office area as well as Great Horned Owls late in the evening. Check the sky from time to time for Golden Eagles soaring above the mountain at different times of the year, not just during migration. The hike up to the observation platform can be strenuous but watch for Worm-eating Warblers, Blue-headed Vireos, Ovenbirds, and Summer and Scarlet Tanagers. From the platform, look for raptors during fall migration.

That being said…took the family up and enjoyed ourselves. The leaves should be really nice now.

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Honey, lets go feed the ducks…Yes Dear

Took the lady down to Glen Hilton Park in Hickory to feed the ducks. The roving gangs of waterfowl shook us down pretty good for bread. Best place to do it in the area for sure. On our way, we had to refuel the bread supply and I caught a couple of pics of Hickory High School and the streamers in the trees.

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welcome to the Salt Block

So to open this new blog, I would start with a new garden on the southwest corner of the SALT Block in downtown Hickory that just opened in Sept.  Hope you enjoy the set of scenes. Pics are in HD. North Carolina artist Wayne Trapp designed the Linkage sculpture you will see in some of the pics.

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